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Super Slim SuperDrive
Apple offers an external SuperDrive for use with the MacBook Air since the MacBook Air has no internal SuperDrive of any sort. The problem with this, is although a beautiful product, it is intentionally crippled not to work with any other computers other than the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini Server (which also doesn't have an internal SuperDrive)! Insanity! To make it even worse, they embed 12mm thick drives into these things, when much smaller 9.5mm drives exist. If they used those, this thing would be much thinner.
I still had my external SuperDrive from when I had a MacBook Air but it was useless in my new MacBook Pro. My solution was to do something similar to what tnkgrl posted in '08 and swap the Apple circuit board with a generic one from the internet. Instead of stopping there, I hacked the stew out of mine and went ahead and replaced the actual drive with the one taken out of my MacBook Pro in a 'Solid State swap' I did and modified the SuperDrive enclosure too. The result is a thinner, more beautiful SuperDrive, that now works in all computers. Even in Windows based ones! CD Drives never looked so good!