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Safari AdBlock

Safari AdBlock is an add-on for Safari for Mac OS-X and Windows. It will block all the ads on the supported websites cleanly, and without any breaking the site's layout. As a bonus, Safari will become faster because it doesn't have to waste time downloading the ads. Safari AdBlock is fully compatible with adblocking extensions like Adblock plus.

Check out my ad-blocker for iOS and for Android as well.

Ad Remover

Cleans the following websites of thier ads:
ABC News TorrentSpy Digg
Facebook The Pirate Bay SourceForge
SpikedHumor GMail MySpace
YouTube Demonoid CNN
StatCounter Break Hotmail
ScrapeTorrent TorrentPortal Addicting Games
Gizmodo Engadget BTJunkie
Ultimate Guitar Softpedia College Humor
Mininova CNET Yahoo
Amazon TUAW, MacRumors Experts Exchange
How to Install
Step 1: Download the Stylesheet. Open the folder that it downloaded to and drag adblock.css to Macintosh HD.
Step 2: Open up Safari.
Step 3: Open Safari's Preferences.
Step 4: Click Advanced.
Step 5: Click None Selected and choose Other... from the drop-down menu.
Step 6: Click Macintosh HD and select adblock.css.
Safari AdBlock was last updated May 2014 21, 2:38 pm. Right now it's April 2017 26, 5:24 pm