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Live Drummer

James is Bored enters the App Store scene with an app that will knock your socks off--Live Drummer, a polished drum pad application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Emphasis has been placed on ability to play live. As such, Live Drummer is quick to launch--typical launch time is 1 second, so you can have your iPhone out and have a drumkit at your fingertips in an instant. Live Drummer has been programmed with low latency in mind so you can rock out on tempo. It is the most responsive drum app on the App Store.

Live Drummer features 20 lossless quality sounds with more to come. The lower three rows feature acoustic drum sounds--the standard ones you will find on any drum pad. The top row features five Techno sounds--bass drum, Techno snare, effected echo, hat, and trance bongos.

If you're not satisfied, send the me a message via the official website and suggest a feature. James is open to feature requests. Future updates will be totally free for all users.

Ever needed a rimshot for the punchline of a joke? Three taps is all it takes for a refreshing ***buh-duhm-pssshh*** Ever wanted to freestyle rap but hesitated because you wanted a beat to go with? Now you have one! Whateverer!

Rock out with your phone out with Live Drummer. Or your iPod Touch!

After the inial sales surge, downloads quickly dropped off. After updating it with Retina Display graphics and having another surge, downloads dropped off again and I let my Apple developer agreement expire. Unfortunately, the app is no longer available on the App Store.