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Using Cyberduck
  1. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. This means both your computer and iPhone.
  2. Open Cydia on your iPhone, search for OpenSSH, and install it.
  3. Download Cyberduck to your computer. Open it and click on Bonjour. You should see your iPhone's name in the Bonjour list.
  4. Double click on your iPhone's name. Cyberduck will attempt to connect to your iPhone, so your iPhone needs to be turned on for the whole time. I just set my auto-lock to Never so I don't have to "slide to unlock" a bunch of times. The first time Cyberduck connects to your iPhone will take 30-50 secs while the iPhone sets up security keys, but subsequent connections should be instantaneous. If it times out or errors, just try again.
  5. When you get to the login screen, enter the username root and the password alpine. Congratulations! You have access to your iPhone's filesystem!
  6. Click on the dropdown that says, "/private/var/root" and select "/". You are now in the root folder and are ready to do any hacking that requires modification of system files!
Easier Alternative
PhoneView ($20) from Ecamm provides full access to the iPhone file system without the need for installing OpenSSH. It does not work wirelessly; you must plug your iPhone into the computer to view the filesystem but it is an elegant, though not free, alternative to Cyberduck.
More Alternatives