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Chester The App Cracker

Chester was the world's first App Cracker that is compatible with the iPhone 3GS. It is a simple program that takes any IPA file from sites like Apptrackr and uses your own developer codesign to overwrite the invalid one with a fully functional development codesign.

This is probably prohibited by Apple. Anything that happens while trying this out is the result of your own actions, so take this as purely educational material. Using it improperly might get you in trouble. I can not be held responsible for your actions, so be careful and wise when using this tool.
  • You need an Apple developer certificate and MobileProvisioning Profile. If you can compile and put an app on your iPhone using only XCode, you already have the certificate and profile. To get the certificate and profile you need to pay Apple $100 for the developer license.
  • Place ResourceRules.plist on your desktop. Chester uses this.
  • XCode tools for iPhone OS 3.0 need to be installed.

Download & Sync

Rename any files you download to get rid of the ".zip" so that the extension is ".ipa".
To get the cracked ipa from your computer to your device, simply double-click it and it will be added directly to iTunes. Sync your device and you've got it.
Chester 1.1 Update: Now generates IPA instead of APP. This allows Chester to keep the iTunes artwork and makes PC compatible files. Also adds a new icon.
Download Chester