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Remap Home Button To Camera
  1. Install OpenSSH and set up Cyberduck on your computer. Don't know how? Click Here.
  2. Navigate to "/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/" using Cyberduck.
  3. Download the file com.apple.springboard.plist to you desktop.
  4. Open the .plist file in TextEdit. If the text is garbled, convert it using this utility first.
  5. Find the text "<key>SBDoubleTapURL</key>". Underneath that it should say, "<string>doubletap://com.apple.(Current App Name)</string>".
  6. Change that text to "<string>doubletap://com.apple.mobileslideshow-Camera</string>"
  7. Save it and upload it to your iPhone.
After you have uploaded the modified plist, restart your iPhone. You can now go straight to the Camera app any time.