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Get more out of your Android phone! Consider rooting and using this page to see what kinds of stuff you can do once rooted, like access the entire system, apply system enhancements, block those pesky ads, organize your apps, and bring out its full potential. Contrary to popular belief, rooting does not void your warranty. Just remember to unroot it (by using the recovery feature on rooted phones) before you visit the retail store!

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If you're in the market for a good keyboard phone, I would consider first the Droid 4, but here are some things actual owners have to say.
Ellimis has this to say about autocorrect on inferior software keyboards:
I ******* hate that autocorrect has become something we have to deal with on a regular basis. Everyone knows what it is because it's SO invasive, and you hear about it constantly. My friends will mistype something to me multiple times daily. I hate when my phone tries to correct me, ever. The only corrections I allow it are punctuation, like apostrophes, or capitalization only at the beginning of a sentence. Something like typing, the basic form of communicating on the internet, should not be such a god damn hassle. I cannot stand touch screen typing, except when one of my hands is full and I absolutely cannot stop to put something down in order to type. Long live physical keyboards.
Loginlogan has this to say about the worst part of Motorola products, the manufacturer skins:
I shutter at the sight of anything motoblur [...] However, motoblur is the reason I love android. Here is why: Because I hated motoblur so much when I got my DroidX I knew I had to root it and get a custom rom it. I really saw the power of android after this and it got me to understand my phone and what makes it tick at a much higher level then I could have ever thought of. I started getting into open source and linux because of this. That being said, I never wish motoblur upon anyone. A friend of mine has a DroidX which and he is running 2.3 stock and I don't know how he does it. It is sooo slow and clunky and very ugly. I don't need motorola to update anything. I'm sure if they were to come out with an ICS update it would suck and I would just put another rom on my phone. They do put some good hardware on their phones, I have to admit.